Key Considerations

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Your Options for Solar 

There are many options and sizes of solar panels available for your premises as long as there is adequate space.  However, there are factors that you need to be aware of before you decide if installing a solar system is an option for you.  The following is a list of key considerations, but as each case is different, please contact us if in doubt. One of our team can help you and may arrange a site visit.

Key Considerations

If you are considering installing solar panels on the roof of your premises, here is a list of items to check.

Area of roof

The total area of your roof and the area where you would like to install solar panels will determine how much energy you can generate

Direction of roof

The solar potential is higher if the roof faces the direction of the sun throughout the day

Roof top owner

First, you must at least have access rights and relevant approvals to make installations on the roof of your premises

Material of roof

Your choices of solar panel system may vary  depending on the material used in the structure of your roof, such as glass, concrete or metal

Size and shape of roof

The tilt, orientation and size of the roof will affect the amount of solar generation

Shading of roof

It is essential to check if there are objects obstructing the sun’s path to the roof as shading may prevent optimal operation

Safety and legislation

Customer shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations for the installation of solar systems including:

  • Electricity Ordinance

  • Buildings Ordinance

  • Conditions of the respective land leases, etc

  • Fire Safety (Buildings) Ordinance & Fire Safety (Commercial Premises) Ordinance

  • Code of Practice for the Provision of Means of Escape in Case of Fire 1996 

Feed-in capacity of your circuit board

In order to connect to the grid, and be eligible for a Feed-In-Tariff, the main circuit board at your premises must have capacity.

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