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Asked Questions


Q1. What are the benefits of solar energy?

Solar energy harnesses the power of the sun and represents an important renewable energy source globally. You can support a greener environment by opting for solar energy.


Q2. Why should I adopt solar energy?


With the Hong Kong Government’s focus on encouraging development of local renewable energy as a way to reduce carbon emission, power companies are offering incentives such as the Feed-in-Tariff scheme to drive growing adoption of solar energy.  If you adopt solar energy, you have a chance to be greener, and even earn revenue proceeds from unused space.


Q3. How do solar panels work?

Solar power systems are made up of panels and an inverter to generate electricity.

During the day, solar panels on your roof capture photons from sunlight. The silicon and conductors in the panels then turn this into energy, which is sent to an inverter to convert into electricity your premises can use. This energy can either be consumed by your premises or sent to the electricity grid.


Q4. Where can I install solar panels?

Solar panels should be installed where they can receive the maximum sunlight. The important factors to consider for installing solar panels are position, placement and orientation. You may have seen solar panels mounted on rooftops, but they can also be placed on the ground or, parking lots, as long as they meet the right conditions for optimal solar generation.


Q5. Is my roof suitable for solar panels?

To check your roof's suitability for solar panel installation, the key factors to be considered include:

  • size of the roof area available for panel installation

  • the direction of the roof

  • the angle or tilt of the roof  

  • any obstructions to the roof that may cause shading

You can find out more here .


Q6. How can I buy solar panels?

To ensure you install the correct type and size of solar panels, an assessment of your roof area needs to be conducted. CLP Solutions can guide you through an end-to-end process, contact us now!

You can find more here .


Q7. What size of solar panel system should I install?  

The size of your solar panel system depends on various factors including expected sunlight, area of the solar panel installation, direction and orientation of the roof and, obstructions to the roof.


Q8. Where is the solar panel connected to?

The solar panel will be connected to your Main Circuit Board. The exact location of the connection can be determined during the site visit.


Q9. How can I connect solar panels to the grid?

You can apply to have your solar system connected to CLP Power’s grid. CLP Power would conduct a preliminary assessment of your solar system. If your application is successful, a new smart meter will be installed by CLP Power to track your solar generation. We can guide you through the process, contact us to learn more .


Q10. How do I evaluate solar quotes?

Installing solar panels is a long-term commitment. To ensure the right type of solar panels best suit your needs, you must evaluate numerous factors including the brand and model of the panels, the type and brand of the inverter, the financing options available, the system design, the credibility of the solar installer and the monitoring system for your solar panels.