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Get More Value from Your Existing Solar Power System

Your Solar Assets 

With your existing solar installation, you have already been contributing to a greener energy future for Hong Kong. Since October 2018, you are able to earn a Feed-In-Tariff from your solar installation.  We can help manage the application process on your behalf, or you can apply yourself from the CLP Power website.  In addition, we can also advise you on other ways to help realise more value from your solar power system. (E.g. cleaning services or maintenance service for your existing system)


We are also happy to help you expand the size of your existing installation.

CLPe  Solutions - Your Trusted Partner

Energy Expertise:
Professional Solution:

We are committed to helping you get the best out of your existing solution, by leveraging CLPe  Solutions’ experience in renewable energy technology.

We offer a professional solution from helping you service your existing solar system to managing your Feed-In-Tariff application process.

We want to make it easy and effortless for you to get the most from your solar power system, with support from our qualified engineers and partners.

Can I Extend My Solar Installation?

We can help you review your current solar installation and recommend whether the size of your solar system can be extended.  You can call our team or leave your details with us to find out more.