Solar for

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Why Solar Power Matters in Your Business?

Solar power is a proven renewable energy source that is experiencing rapid growth globally.  If you have unused space on your roof (or wall), you can have a solar power system installed within your premises.  Not only do you have the chance to support green energy and demonstrate your corporate social responsibility to your stakeholders, customers and clients, you can also earn revenue by generating solar energy. 


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We are committed to helping you choose the most suitable solution, by leveraging CLPe  Solutions’ experience in renewable technology.

We offer a range of professional solutions from help on choosing the right type of solar system, installation, ongoing maintenance, to online performance monitoring. 

We want to make it easy and affordable for you to power your business with a high-quality solar system.

Is My Commercial Building Suitable for Solar?

There are many options and sizes of solar panels available for your premises as long as there is adequate space. You can find here more about some of the key considerations before installing a solar panel.